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Product Overview

  • Giclee artwork, picture photo printed on high quality canvas. Gallery wrapped and stretched over 0.75 '' wood frame.
  • Ready to hang on the wall, each panel has a black hook mounted on back.
  •  All panel wrapped with clear poly-bags for extra protection and the whole picture is wrapped in customized carton.
  • A wall decorations paintings for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, dining room, office, bathroom, bar etc.                      MORE ABOUT PEACOCK                                         
  • If you are someone who considers luxury and extravagance to be a necessity in life, the peacock spirits might be watching over you. Such people have an innate desire to lead an extraordinary life and can settle for nothing less.

    They are aware that the people around them might think of them as superficial or materialistic for wanting such things, but that’s just who they are; they won’t change for anyone.

    These people have the full realization that to achieve the life of their dreams, they will have to work extra hard, and they’re prepared for it. They don’t shy away from hard work and believe in earning the extravagance that they deserve.

    Most of these people choose the streams of science or politics; their head is full of progressive ideas that they want to put to good use. They also want to do something that would be remembered long after they’re gone.

    As a life partner, these people like to be pampered and are obvious about it. Not everyone can be with them; many would consider them to be high-maintenance, which they are. They’re gorgeous and wouldn’t give up a single chance to flaunt their beauty.



    When can you call on your peacock spirit animal?

    The peacock spirit animal can transform your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined. You can call on them for guidance under the following circumstances:

    • When you wish to explore your hidden skills and talents. Just as the peacocks can’t see their own feathers and are, thus, unaware of their beauty, we, too, can be unaware of our gifts. Their spirits can guide you into your inner consciousness to explore your true potentials. It’ll also help you to become fully aware of your strengths, and then you can use them to your benefit.
    • When you lack confidence. The peacock spirits are full of self-love and self-confidence and can lend some of it to you to improve your confidence.
    • When you are trying to heal from a tragic past experience and need the energy to move forward in life. The Shamans used to believe that peacocks possessed strong healing powers. Their spirit can heal all your mental and emotional wounds and help you grow stronger and wiser from your experiences.


    Dreaming of Peacocks

    You can’t deny that being visited by these beautiful creatures in your sleep makes you happy. However, what is the spiritual meaning of their dreams? Let’s find out.

    A white peacock

    A white peacock is symbolic of pride. Dreaming of these peacocks signifies that while you might not realize it, your manner of sharing your knowledge with others sometimes comes off as too proud, perhaps even mean. Because of this, people usually don’t like you a lot.

    A peacock’s feather

    Dreaming of a peacock’s feather is a lucky sign. Such a dream signifies that you are about to find success in your professional life, and it will open a lot of new doors for your business soon.


    A dancing peacock

    Peacocks only dance when they’re happy, so dreaming of it could be reflective of the happiness you are experiencing in your waking life. These dreams have another interpretation as well. They could be symbolic of an important opportunity waiting for you. Therefore, you should be prepared for it.

    A peacock in a cage

    Although keeping peacocks in a cage seems brutal, dreaming of such a thing has a positive interpretation. It indicates that you are keeping your pride under check, which is a wise thing to do.

    A dead peacock

    If you see a dead peacock in your dream, it has a negative interpretation. Such a dream indicates that you will soon have a heated argument with your parents or partner, and it will hurt the feelings of both parties equally. Moreover, if you were the person who killed the bird in the dream, it means that the argument began due to your fault, and so, you should apologize before it’s too late.

    A flying peacock

    Dreaming of a flying peacock is not a good sign. Such a dream is symbolic of arrogance and suggests perhaps your success might have gotten to your head. While you should be happy about your achievements, many of your goals are still unfulfilled, and if you get carried away with this one, you might never get a chance to succeed again.

    Chasing a peacock

    If you see yourself chasing after a peacock in your dream, it indicates that you are someone who always strives for perfection. While aiming for perfection is a good thing, being obsessed with it is very unhealthy for you.

    A black peacock

    A black peacock appearing in your dream is a bad omen. It signifies that someone in your friend circle is secretly envious of you and is planning to use everything he/she knows about you against you.


    Peacock symbolism in Greek mythology

    The Greeks have a fascinating myth about how peacocks got the unique, eye-like patterns on their feathers. This is how the story goes:

    In Ancient Greece, peacocks were known as the birds of paradise devoted to Hera, the Greek goddess of family and marriage. Hera was married to Zeus, the king of the Gods. Once, Zeus fell in love with a young woman named Io. Io was also known by the name of “Callithyia” and served Hera as her first priestess.

    Soon, Hera came to know of their affair and was furious. She demanded that the girl be brought to her and turned her into a Heifer. Then, she appointed her servant, Argus, to guard the Heifer. Argus was an all-seeing monster who had a hundred eyes and was truly devoted to his mistress.

    Zeus felt miserable about everything that had happened and wanted to help poor Io escape. To do that, he summoned Hermes, his messenger, and ordered him to kill Argus. Hermes went to Argus and began to play his flute to hypnotize him. Once he was asleep, Hermes killed him and freed Io.

    Hera was deeply hurt at the death of his loyal servant and removed his eyes, placing them on the feathers of a peacock to immortalize his devotion.

    Peacock totem

    The peacock totem enters your life when you have lost the ability to appreciate the beauty in your life. Their totems are known for valuing beauty and grace above everything else, and that’s what they’re here to teach you. These totems are well-versed in the art of self-love, self-confidence, and pride, and can sense the lack of these in your life.

    Under their influence, you will first learn how to appreciate yourself, your talents, and your skills. And it is only once you have learned self-love that you would be able to spread this love around.


    Peacock symbolism in the Far Eastern Culture

    In Chinese culture, it is believed that the peacocks are the manifestation of the supernatural Phoenix on Earth. These birds were also used as a symbol of the Ming Dynasty and represented power, beauty, and divinity.

    Moreover, they are also associated with Goddess Guan Yin, the goddess of mercy, and are symbolic of mercy, empathy, and compassion. In Japanese culture, the same goddess is known by the name of “Kwan-Yin”.

    Peacocks are the national bird of India. Their feathers are kept in many Indian households as a symbol of prosperity and good health. In Hindu mysticism, the creation of peacocks is attributed to Lord Vishnu, who used a feather of a Garuda, a bird he used as his vehicle (vahana), to create a peacock.

    Many other Hindu Gods and Goddesses are associated with peacocks. Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati, and Karthikeya are all shown to be mounted on these royal birds.

    Another story associates these birds with Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu himself. Once, a group of peacocks was sleeping close to a place where Krishna was chatting with his friends.

    To please these peacocks, Krishna began to play his flute, and the melody it produced was so heart-warming that all the sleeping peacocks woke up and danced to it. After having enjoyed themselves thoroughly, the group approached Krishna.

    The group leader bowed down to him, thanked him for his music, and requested that he accept a feather from his plumage as a token of their admiration. Krishna happily accepted it and began wearing it on his crown.


    What does it mean to see a peacock?

    Did you recently encounter a peacock and are curious to learn what it could mean for you? There could be several reasons behind a peacock appearing in your life.

    The first and most important one could be to deliver the message of self-love and acceptance. These birds are trying to tell you to adopt a new perspective in order to find the beauty in everything around you, beginning with yourself.

    You might hate all your flaws and imperfections, but you must understand this: we’re all humans. And to be truly human is to have flaws. And if you can’t make peace with your own flaws and accept yourself, you will never be able to love someone else.

    You might have heard of an old saying, “You can’t fulfill someone else’s thirst with an empty vessel”. And without self-love, you are nothing more than an empty vessel.There’s also one flaw in them; their confidence can sometimes seem like arrogance, which makes others dislike them. If you can’t keep up with a person like that, it’s best to stay away from them.

    Moreover, the appearance of a peacock in your life could also have a romantic purpose. If you’re single and seeking a potential partner, these birds could be a sign that you will soon meet the kind of person you’ve been waiting for.

    However, if you’re in a relationship that is not working out, but you dread parting ways for fear of loneliness, the peacock is asking you to be courageous and take the right step. Have faith in the fact that you deserve someone who loves you whole-heartedly, and you will find them when the time is r


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